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Pictures from Spring 2015 available online through Facebook:

Hi all,

Here are links to pictures and videos from every Spring 2015 Event:

HUGE thanks to Stephen Eliopoulos for the content !!!

Spring 2015 End Of Year Slideshow w/Senior Dedications: ( Amazing !!!)

Mayor's Cup Pictures

Moose on the Malden Pictures

MPSRA States


HOCR Update: (10/20)

Thanks to all of you that came to the HOCR event to cheer on the team, and also to everyone who was following online.  
They heard you cheering them on and it motivated them even more.
They certainly did Medford proud and gave it everything they had.
I was extremely impressed with the number of teammates and Alums that came out to support them. 
The thrill of rowing in this event, with almost a half a 
million spectators, was a once in a lifetime opportunity. They took it and ran with it. I think their smiles were even bigger after they finished.
Not only did they row against teams we are familiar with, there were teams from across the state, from across the country, and from across the world in their class.

Congratulations girls, for making Medford Proud !!

Photos of the event can be seen at our Facebook page: 


2014 Mayor's Cup pics have been uploaded:

400+ pics in the Album "2014 Mayor's Cup" - (4 albums)

4 Albums - "2014 Mayor's Cup"

Congratulations: MHS 2014 GBL Champions !!!

A Recap of the Spring, 2013, Season

Friends of Medford Rowing is proud of the rowers, coaches, and supporters of Medford Mustang Rowing. We just finished our most successful season thus far.  

April, 2013

Greater Boston League Championships for Men and Women!


May 5, 2013

Mayor's Cup Regatta

The first regatta hosted by Medford Rowing on the Malden River.

The Varsity Women's Eight wins the Mayor's Cup.


May 19 2013

Moose on the Malden Regatta

Mustang rowers finish in top three places in five of their races.

May 25, 2013

We qualify men's and women's boats for New England Interscholastic Rowing Association Championships - our first time qualifying


 May 26, 2013

Massachusetts Public School Rowing Association Championships

Medford brings home two golds, one silver, and one bronze!




Friends of Medford Rowing

The Friends of Medford Rowing is a non-profit, volunteer run organization that supports the crew team at Medford High School, Medford, Massachusetts. 

We were established in 2006 by a group of parents who wanted to promote the sport of rowing at Medford High School. Our membership includes the parents, grandparents, and friends of the rowers at the high school.

We are fortunate to have access to the Mystic River and the support of the City of Medford in our endeavors.  Currently the team rows out of the boat launch at Hormel Stadium and stores its equipment in a gated area there.



Dock at the Hormel Site

We raise funds to purchase equipment and supplies for the Medford (MA) High School Crew Team. Thus far, some of our major equipment purchases and projects have included:

Dock materials and building a dock

Racing Shells

In watercraft, a racing shell is an extremely narrow, often comparatively long, rowing boat, specifically designed for racing.  It is outfitted with long oars, outriggers to hold the oarlocks away from the boat, and sliding seats.  The boat's long length and semicircular cross-section reduce drag to a minimum and makes the boat fast and unstable.  It must be activity balanced by the rowers to avoid tipping.  Being able to balance, or "set" the boat while putting maximum effort into the oars is therefore an essential skill of sport rowing.  


Boat Trailers


We have also purchased the following necessary equipment: 


  •         a coach's boat and engine
  •         oars
  •         safety equipment
  • coxswain boxes
  • rowing shoes 


In addition to fundraising for equipment we transport boats to Regattas and provide food for rowers at these all day regattas.